Castration Squad was an all-female punk band back in the early 1980's. I recall
my Canterbury roommate, Shannon Wilhelm, sitting around and brainstorming
ideas for the band back in the late seventies, but it wasn't until the 1980's when
her nightmare vision of a militant, death/horror fixated, all-girl band was

Shannon was a dark-haired, pale beauty, never leaving the apartment without
her "full face" on. Pleasant once described her as a "punk Vivien Leigh." She
found her deathly beautiful blonde counterpart in another L.A. punk, Mary
Bat-Thing, later to become famous as Dinah Cancer, lead singer of 45 Grave.

Among others, Castration Squad's lineup included Tracy Lea (who was also in
Red Cross and appeared as Tanya Hearst in the cult movie Desperate
Teenage Lovedolls), Tiffany Kennedy (Cambridge Apostles), Phranc (Nervous
Gender, Catholic Discipline), Elissa Bello (Go-Go's) and yours truly. With
Shannon as lead singer and Mary as backup, Castration Squad and its
avowed mission "to repair men" could have been somewhat intimidating, but it
was mostly in the spirit of fun.

With regards to the gig flyer, Castration Squad, and in particular, Tiffany had
an obsession with John F. Kennedy, so much so that the band played a JFK
memorial show each year on the anniversary of his assassination. Tiffany
wrote a love song to her favorite dead President, entitled "A Date With Jack",
which you can listen to
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