Graciela Grejalva, lead singer of the Latina musical
    sensation known as Cholita!, is not your average
    thirteen and a half year old. She's over six feet tall and
    has brilliant orange hair ( "I tried to bleach it," she
    confesses). But then Cholita! is not exactly a group made
    up of typical girls.

           Cholita!, which describes itself as "the female
    Menudo"(members are unceremoniously kicked out of
    the band upon turning sixteen) is an all female, teenage
    punk-pop band. Current members of the group include
    the thirteen and a half year old Graciela, fifteen year old
    Sad Girl, and twelve year old Lupita. The group features
    a constantly changing coterie of musicians, dancers, and
    singers who are collectively known as "Vanidades" or
    just "Cholitas."

           Cholita!'s music combines the innocence of bubble
    gum with the aggression of punk, with a nod to Mexican
    pop star Gloria Trevi thrown in for good measure. Their
    stage show is flashy, sometimes vulgar, yet somehow
    manages to be warm and cuddly at the same time. The
    group members wear elaborate costumes designed by
    Lupita and the internationally famous designer La Bambi,
    and have been featured on the covers of Vanidades,
    Sassy, Jet, and Italian Vogue. Cholita!'s shows are not
    just concerts, they are events.
Sad Girl, age 15 & 11 months
Guadalupe, aka Lupita
Age 12
Cholita drawings by Meesh Mills.
Color photos by Ann Summa.
Black & white photos by Rick Castro.
A Windows Media clip from a Cholita! promotional video
compiled and edited by Meesh Mills.
Graciela Grejalva, age 13